Suzi and Travis Worsham purchased the former Riverside Clapham’s Ferry Farm (1760-1780) in 2003 and continue restoration work on the property, the home, the 1690’s log cabin and log meat house. Most recently, Suzi and Travis restored the lower stone section of their 1870’s bank barn, known to be the largest historic barn in not just Loudoun County but Virginia as well.  The upper part of the barn was renovated and decorated for special events and now the stalls have been converted to cocktail areas and dining rooms.

The property was originally purchased by Josias Clapham in the early 1700’s. Starting in 1742, Clapham petitioned the General Assembly for a ferry across the Potomac and was granted permission in 1757. A log cabin and later a ferryman’s house were built on the property. The stone house was built circa 1750. An addition was added in 1849 by the Spinks family who now own the Spinks Ferry rights to the river.

From the original Native Americans to the Colonial Settlers through Civil War skirmishes on the property until today, visitors will get a sense of the history of Riverside on the Potomac.